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Subdivision after a refusal

“I never thought we’d get it approved, but you persisted with both the staff and Councillors and we got there. Thank you.” The land was immediately sold at a big profit with the Development Consent!

Rezone then subdivide

“You protected our interests throughout. … Tactically skilful and technically knowledgeable, and you know the system. We relied on your skills and knowledge and we’ve obtained the desired result.”

Sydney/Central Coast Client

"Helen – thanks very much for your email and all your hard work. It’s a tremendous result. I agree with you that working together ... gave us much leverage!"

Waterfront owner seeking 2 [...]

"You really know what you are doing"

Central Coast client [...]

"A quick email of thanks for your time today. You certainly do know your stuff!"

Satisfactory resolution

“May I take this opportunity to thank you for involvement in this complicated matter which is now at a conclusion. There is no doubt that your assistance has been of immense help.”

Central Coast client, selling [...]

"Thank you for your knowledge, focus and clear direction: you gave us confidence to stick with the process and do what it took to achieve our sale."

(Update...) "Thank you again for your kind assistance. Yes, we settled on ... We’re relieved, because it was such a drawn out stressful experience and now we can move on."

Application for a relocated [...]


Central Coast client on [...]

"Thank you again for such prompt service and high quality work. We will definitely be in touch soon to discuss the next steps"

Sydney client looking to buy [...]

"... Your report was very useful in defining the risks and we sought this [extra specialist] ... advice to clarify things."

Building a portfolio

“You gave me strategic advice that I hadn’t heard in any of the investment seminars I’d paid good money for. It was well worth while having a couple of planning sessions with you.”

Waterfront owners with [...]

"...we do appreciate all you have and are doing for us re this situation. It has not been an easy task for you, and your preparation for Tuesday's site meeting was great, as has been all your other work."

Contribution requested for [...]

"Thanks so much Helen. You're a champion."

Sydney acreage buyers

"Your guidance about where to look, and what to look for, really crystallised our thinking. We are very happy with the waterfront 30 acres we have just bought."

Commercial site search

“Even if it was uncomfortable news for us, you told it like it is, so we could make our own decisions about taking the risk or walking away. You saved us money by avoiding a big mistake.”

Experienced multi-region [...]

"... You have patiently and skillfully sent info on the Central Coast Property issues for years, thank you.

You provide a great service to the area .... and for free!"

Pre-purchase uncertainty [...]

"you've overachieved, we can buy it now" "you have been an amazing help."

Property protection

“Helen, this is fantastic thank you. Please do submit to Council, and I would be delighted if you would continue to monitor the situation.”

Dual Occ. Consent

“Thank you for getting us where we are today … approval. We are very appreciative of this and we know we probably wouldn’t have got there without your skill and expertise.”

Central Coast developer ($6m [...]

"Thank you Helen for your efficiency: you promised the short-notice reports by c.o.b. today and they arrived during the morning, full of information."

Central Coast client with [...]

"Excellent thanks very much Helen!"

Central Coast client (lapsing [...]

"I can't thank you enough for the huge effort you personally put into achieving the successful outcome in the last two weeks. It was stressful for me but from the first time I spoke with you I knew I was in the most capable of hands. Your professionalism and never say die attitude is a very calming influence on your clients and I look forward to referring other people to your consultancy."

Central Coast client [...]

"Helen, thanks again, you were the best thing to come out of this whole episode I really appreciate what you did for us."

Subdivision battle

“You kept the Council staff honest by not letting them get away with a sloppy assessment that wasn’t fair and that had errors of fact. Then you tackled the Councillors! Well done.”

Privacy protection

“You did a fine job for us and we are most grateful to you for your efforts. We would happily recommend you to other interested parties.”

Central Coast tradesperson

"Very impressive ...." Kindest Regards

Central Coast client [...]

"Thank you so much Helen for bringing this to a positive conclusion. ... If you ever require a reference for your outstanding work I am very happy to provide it."

Central Coast waterfront [...]

"Thank you so much for your work. ... You have been a blessing to us and we could not have done this without you. ... [We] ... have always believed in finding the most skilled specialists for each project, and through [a local real estate agent] we found you. You led us along this journey, told us how to connect and who to connect to and through listening to your advice we reached our goal today ..."


"We like your work on our subdivision. Would you work on another one for us, elsewhere?"

Apparent breach by a [...]

"Once again I can’t thank you enough for your interest in this situation. It is certainly very distressing (and could have become very expensive)."

Central Coast client [...]

"You gave us a lot to think about and the background research and information was really helpful. You have a thorough knowledge of all the planning and legal requirements, and are very professional"

CC resident, national [...]

"You really know what you are talking about, and I deal with many Councils for our company’s properties"


"A phenomenal job done with this newsletter, and right up to date with the Federal Budget."

Central Coast subdivider

"Thanks Helen for the information. You are certainly organised."

Central Coast business person [...]

"Thanks again for a great, concise report."

Central Coast Real Estate [...]


Another satisfied client [...]

"thank you very much Helen for meeting with us in Sydney and for all the great work you’ve done so far. You’ve put us in a strong negotiating position with our neighbour."

Waterfront owner

"You’re good at what you do."

Sydney/Central Coast Client

"This is such great news! Thank you so much to Helen for the hard work and the quality of the submission and follow through that I have no doubt significantly contributed ... Collaborating made such a difference."

A builder and separately an [...]

"We love the way the newsletter keeps us informed"

Approval despite objection

“It sounds like we are heading towards a fantastic result” “Thanks again Helen on assisting us hitting a major milestone – DA approval.”

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  • Advice about permissible but unconventional land uses on acreages (2 clients)
  • Advice about resubdividing flood-prone land awkwardly cut by drainage canals
  • Advice about another’s unacceptable and unfeasible Development Consent condition; tactics
  • Boarding house explorations (several clients)
  • Advice before master planning for RMS road-widening-affected property with other constraints
  • Advice involving lawyers and Council re claim of unlawfully-issued CDC for dunefront house
  • Preliminary advice about structural feasibility of proposed house and pool alterations
  • Pre-purchase advice for rural property for proposed tourism and/or materials recycling
  • Potential for seniors’ housing (geotechnical, lot too small, other constraints), not exempt from approval
  • Affordable housing proposal under NDIS (2 aspects of the proposal:  housing development; services for clients)
  • Pre-purchase report on large rural R5 zoned land in 3 Titles with unformed Crown Road in another region – development potential including subdivision, tourism, residential, eco-tourist facility 
  • Waterfront reserve owners with vegetation, heritage and Community Title issues:  research, advice and advocacy
  • Pre-purchase report on (risky) acreage with multiple unapproved and non-compliant “dwellings” (bushfire, creek, risk of demolition orders and more!)
  • Advice about side-boundary access blockage (by a neighbour) across a public road with an adjacent gully
  • Pre-purchase advice on acreage with listed Threatened (flora) Species, creek, ocean views, 2 cottages – development potential?
  • Post-purchase advice about acreage with undersize 2 lot subdivision – dwelling entitlement?
  • Pre-purchase advice during residential property search – development potential?  efficiency of search?
  • Post-purchase work for potential multi-lot subdivision on land with an Endangered Ecological Community, major flooding, bushfire and end-of-life house that straddles 2 existing lots
  • Pre-purchase report for industrial land with creek, bushfire, extensive (undocumented?) landfill
  • Serious long-standing and previously-unknown compliance issue rectified during a sale, with purchaser now able to proceed
  • Master site planning, mixed-zone environmental/rural bushy block
  • Rural worker’s dwelling on primary production land
  • Post-purchase/ pre-application advice on business (recreation and tourism/ post-Corona virus) on acreage, lower Hunter
  • Pre-purchase advice on purchase of an acreage for a specific business (recreation + accommodation)
  • Acreage rezoning potential: advice in light of postponement of Council changes
  • Pre-purchase report regarding commercial use of acreage (multi-purpose)
  • Advice on desired change in approved building envelope to preferred location (bush acreage, steep, severe geotech, erosion and bushfire hazards, access that floods)
  • Advice on non-compliant building design, land with bush, geotech and stormwater problems
  • DA preparation:  secondary dwelling, land with bushfire, endangered ecological community, unretained steep slope
  • Advice on rural property for tourism/recreational project
  • Investigation into and advice about incomplete subdivision infrastructure yet rating by Council and water authority as if it is was all constructed
  • Investigation and report on enclosure of a non-compliant but constructed carport;  and dual occupancy potential beneath the existing house
  • Investigation and master site planning for subdivision of highly constrained R2 land
  • Townhouse development – pre-purchase advice (client bought it)
  • Advice on subdivision potential (DCLEP is negative) – bushy block with flooding, species and bushfire
  • Pre-purchase advice on geotech unstable suburban block, development potential
  • Change of use (commercial)
  • Pre-purchase report – dual occupancy potential
  • Pre-purchase reports on 2 E-zoned properties – development potential
  • Pre-purchase report on dual occupancy potential (large suburban block)
  • Second dwelling wanted despite unapproved dwelling, adjacent mostly bushy rural blocks
  • Pre-purchase reports (industrial, commercial/rural) (client bought both)
  • Advice re rectification of breach on suburban block (unapproved building works, master site planning)
  • Completion of 2 lot subdivision process (only 1st of 4 stages complete so far)
  • Advice on development potential (suburbia: 2 detached houses)
  • Meet investors to make their property search more efficient and targeted
  • Post-approval amendment to integrate bushfire requirement with ecological requirement (commercial site with EEC)
  • Pre-purchase advice on demolition for townhouses (purchase proceeded with confidence)
  • Post-purchase advice to client’s lawyer: heritage-listed property
  • Advice during Council’s rezoning process
  • Post-purchase advice on development potential
  • Rectification advice following breach (acreage with commercial agricultural uses)
  • Pre-purchase advice about existing building: conversion to other uses
  • Pre-purchase advice (steep acreage) for potential home builders
  • Post-purchase advice about development potential (1 existing building does not suit buyers’ objectives, 1 does)
  • Following receipt of Consent with uncommercial conditions of Consent, prepare an amendment application (2 clients)
  • Mitigate impact of large commercial building extension towards bushfire hazard and Endangered Ecological Community
  • Advice to lawyer during Supreme Court matter about characteristics of various commercial and residential lots that affect the case
  • Proposed implementation of our Vegetation Management Plan on commercial site
  • Pre-sale/ pre-purchase advice on 2 rural lots: one multi-purpose, one with minimal apparent development potential
  • Assistance to local oyster growers’ association
  • Preparation for DA for rural worker’s dwelling on acreage
  • Assistance with aquaculture project (lease, building, jetty etc.)
  • Pre-purchase assistance for rural property search
  • Site report on subdivision potential of acreage (land size, zone)
  • Town planning, procedural and tactical advice about someone else’s allegedly unapproved/illegal property activities
  • Pre-purchase advice (several sites), acreage for new business in drinking water catchment; later preparation of DAs
  • DA for ancillary building, acreage
  • Pre-sale advice on large lot with minimal to zero development potential, yet successfully on-sold
  • Short-term holiday letting DA for large house, following a neighbour’s complaint
  • Expert witness in Land & Environment Court, helping achieve a conciliated result
  • Advocate for view retention, adherence to Development Control Plan height, setbacks, bulk for affected neighbours
  • Advice on another’s farmstay accommodation DA and working farm definition for business plan
  • Rectification after Consent of others’ inconsistent professional reports which cannot comply with the Consent (clearly, not our DA!)
  • Advice concerning another’s lodged DA (house alterations and significant additions) which risks refusal
  • Pre-purchase advice on development and renovation potential (Pacific Palms)
  • Apply for amendments to approved major house renovation, absolute beachfront, approx.. $1m build
  • Advice on options for development potential (several clients)
  • Ongoing advice about the changes in Council’s town planning requirements
  • Several two lot subdivisions with various problems
  • Estuary waterfront subdivision with potential dual occupancy
  • Amendment of another’s Development Consent for a suburban subdivision, to improve sales prospects (bushfire, flooding)
  • Site report as to development potential which assisted in sale of >$1m waterfront property
  • Advice on development potential on several acreages (flooding, bushfire, species, soil)
  • Development potential assessment (1) pre-listing; 2) tidal-affected and constrained by species protection; 3) pre-purchase – acreage with multiple constraints)
  • Acreage potential for horse business (pre-purchase – they bought)
  • Development potential (medium density query)
  • Commercial premises – development potential
  • Pre-purchase advice on development potential (various clients, various objectives (commercial, residential, acreaes), 2 regions; sites with bushfire hazard, flooding, geotechnical issues, zoning and land use changes, Coastal Open Space System affected, coastal hazard, listed species/communities, trees)
  • Pre-listing advice with written report for real estate agent (various clients; development potential before selling?)
  • Development potential (medium density;  commercial uses on environmentally-zoned land; land being rezoned for residential; commercial building;  residential subdivisions;  rural activities including horses on flood-prone and bushfire-prone property;  commercial use of residential building;  absolute beachfront residence;  room in the roof and new balcony in unit building;  addition of second dwelling)
  • Subdivision advice on many acreages and large suburban lots with diverse characteristics (various clients, various objectives)


  • Master site planning, mixed-zone environmental/rural bushy block
  • Rural worker’s dwelling on primary production land
  • Post-purchase/ pre-application advice on business (recreation and tourism/ post-Corona virus) on acreage, lower Hunter
  • Pre-purchase advice on purchase of an acreage for a specific business (recreation + accommodation)
  • Acreage rezoning potential: advice in light of postponement of Council changes
  • Pre-purchase report regarding commercial use of acreage (multi-purpose)
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