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Sydney/Central Coast Client

"This is such great news! Thank you so much to Helen for the hard work and the quality of the submission and follow through that I have no doubt significantly contributed ... Collaborating made such a difference."

Building a portfolio

“You gave me strategic advice that I hadn’t heard in any of the investment seminars I’d paid good money for. It was well worth while having a couple of planning sessions with you.”

Central Coast client (lapsing [...]

"I can't thank you enough for the huge effort you personally put into achieving the successful outcome in the last two weeks. It was stressful for me but from the first time I spoke with you I knew I was in the most capable of hands. Your professionalism and never say die attitude is a very calming influence on your clients and I look forward to referring other people to your consultancy."

Approval despite objection

“It sounds like we are heading towards a fantastic result” “Thanks again Helen on assisting us hitting a major milestone – DA approval.”


A phenomenal job done with this newsletter, and right up to date with the Federal Budget.

Rezone then subdivide

“You protected our interests throughout. … Tactically skilful and technically knowledgeable, and you know the system. We relied on your skills and knowledge and we’ve obtained the desired result.”

Central Coast client [...]

"Thank you so much Helen for bringing this to a positive conclusion. ... If you ever require a reference for your outstanding work I am very happy to provide it."

Subdivision battle

“You kept the Council staff honest by not letting them get away with a sloppy assessment that wasn’t fair and that had errors of fact. Then you tackled the Councillors! Well done.”

Contribution requested for [...]

"Thanks so much Helen. You're a champion."

Central Coast client on [...]

"Thank you again for such prompt service and high quality work. We will definitely be in touch soon to discuss the next steps"

Property protection

“Helen, this is fantastic thank you. Please do submit to Council, and I would be delighted if you would continue to monitor the situation.”

Pre-purchase uncertainty [...]

"you've overachieved, we can buy it now" "you have been an amazing help."

Privacy protection

“You did a fine job for us and we are most grateful to you for your efforts. We would happily recommend you to other interested parties.”

Commercial site search

“Even if it was uncomfortable news for us, you told it like it is, so we could make our own decisions about taking the risk or walking away. You saved us money by avoiding a big mistake.”

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Recent Approvals and Projects

  • Multi-unit development following demolition involving asbestos
  • Building certificate applications, mine subsidence areas
  • Site report to be followed by change of use application, acreage
  • Community impact statement and application for a liquor licence
  • Advice on affordable housing market opportunities, especially through innovative construction
  • Advice on potential for secondary dwelling within existing
  • Potential for dual occupancy on an acreage
  • Opinion following refusal of someone else’s DA (flood-affected): next steps
  • Agricultural purpose suitability, prepurchase west of M1, Somersby
  • Subdivision potential assessment, beachfront site heavily affected by coastal hazard
  • Studio on acreage
  • Early stages of undersize 2 lot subdivision of an acreage through IDO122, with dwellings
  • Residential addition (geotechnical, bushfire, access, slope, maybe ecology)
  • Subdivision of waterfront property, major house renovation and additions, pool, secondary dwelling
  • Pre-purchase advice (development potential – bushfire risk, did not buy)
  • Consent for large shed on acreage, fix threatened breach (unapproved works)
  • “Granny flat” advice (multiple clients)
  • Advice on breaches by neighbour onto others’ properties
  • Assist with revaluation/ development potential
  • Advice on strategic changes/ development potential
  • Subdivision design (absolute beachfront affected by coastal erosion)
  • Advice on development master plan for flood-prone acreage
  • Zoning advice for specialist land use (pre-purchase search)
  • Development potential assessment (1) pre-listing; 2) tidal-affected and constrained by species protection; 3) pre-purchase – acreage with multiple constraints)
  • Acreage potential for horse business (pre-purchase – they bought)
  • Development potential (medium density query)
  • Commercial premises – development potential
  • Town planning and tactical advice regarding a highly non-compliant building proposal
  • Advice about a private rural site being rezoned by Council, close to M1
  • Advice for a body corporate about changes to their residential building
  • Redevelopment of R1 site: options, timing, challenges, advantages
  • Dwelling extension (over-height;  bushfire-prone; possibly geotechnically unstable)
  • Advice on a non-compliant land use with possible existing use rights
  • Advice on subdivision potential, prior to decision to sell (family ownership)
  • Forensic advice about a neighbour’s appeal against a doubtful Consent (geotech, bushfire, slope, inadequate DA process)
  • Town planning advice about part of an existing strata building – approvals to change the structure
  • Pre-DA advice on a flood-prone and bushfire-prone acreage with limited access
  • Secondary dwelling on strata lot
  • Jetty approval
  • Strata subdivision
  • Forensic work (dodgy Consent for neighbour – appeal rights;  dodgy advice from agent about 3 boundaries – absolute beachfront pre-purchase)
  • Urban fringe review (rezoning prospects)
  • Protection of a major tree during neighbour’s development DA
  • Protection of privacy, amenity, views etc. during neighbour’s DA
  • Clarify another’s DA documentation in order to obtain Consent
  • Advocate for a change of zone to a split zoning (bush and residential) via the Urban Fringe Review, following pre-purchase advice
  • Pre-purchase advice for medium density potential for investors (flooding, lapsed Consent)
  • Early stages of undersize 2 lot subdivision
  • Advocate for adherence to low density zoning by proponent of medium density housing (JRPP)
  • Pre-purchase advice for bushy vacant land (various clients: one proceeded with advantageous purchase terms on very constrained site; another may not, due to land use problem with forthcoming changes to LEP; ongoing)
  • Develop and implement strategy to remediate an unintended breach
  • Advice about low level of development potential (slope, access, bushfire, riparian corridor)
  • Advice about low level of development potential (flooding, riparian corridor, bushfire)
  • Submissions against a neighbour who started unapproved work that required Consent, and against the DA (lack of setbacks, view loss, amenity loss, site coverage, floor space ratio)
  • Oceanfront property Statement of Environmental Effects for new house, DA preparation
  • RMS-affected property: pre-purchase advice (too much impact – did not buy)
  • Advice with corporate and Council negotiations on at-risk property affected by Eastern Suburbs Light Rail construction
  • Legalistic submissions against non-compliant proposals by neighbours (various clients in various Council areas)
  • Advice about alternate access to acreage (legal vs practical aspects)
  • 3 lot Avoca Beach subdivision registered, 1 lot sold, 2nd property for sale
  • Pre-purchase advice on development potential (various clients, various objectives (commercial, residential, acreaes), 2 regions; sites with bushfire hazard, flooding, geotechnical issues, zoning and land use changes, Coastal Open Space System affected, coastal hazard, listed species/communities, trees)
  • Pre-purchase advice, oceanfront dwellings, Terrigal, MacMasters Beach (various clients)
  • Advice on development of large acreage for horses; and another steep acreage for a house with views
  • Rectification of a breach (demolition during additions, without Consent) after certifier involvement; rectification of potential breach (suburban construction site)
  • Heritage submissions (both for and against heritage listings) (various clients)
  • Domestic lift installation Consent
  • Geotechnical report, rezoning advice, introduction to potential buyers due to subdivision and significant development potential
  • Develop strategy to remediate unintended multiple breaches (acreage)
  • Acreage proposed for function centre with liquor licence/ entertainment venue
  • Pre-listing advice with written report for real estate agent (various clients; development potential before selling?)
  • Post-purchase advice on development potential (complex opportunities and constraints)
  • Development potential (medium density;  commercial uses on environmentally-zoned land; land being rezoned for residential; commercial building;  residential subdivisions;  rural activities including horses on flood-prone and bushfire-prone property;  commercial use of residential building;  absolute beachfront residence;  room in the roof and new balcony in unit building;  addition of second dwelling)
  • Ongoing advice on heritage
  • 41 lot residential subdivision with environmental and flooding constraints


  • Detached dual occupancies
  • Subdivision advice on many acreages and large suburban lots with diverse characteristics (various clients, various objectives)

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