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Property protection

“Helen, this is fantastic thank you. Please do submit to Council, and I would be delighted if you would continue to monitor the situation.”


A phenomenal job done with this newsletter, and right up to date with the Federal Budget.

Pre-purchase uncertainty [...]

"you've overachieved, we can buy it now" "you have been an amazing help."

Contribution requested for [...]

"Thanks so much Helen. You're a champion."

Approval despite objection

“It sounds like we are heading towards a fantastic result” “Thanks again Helen on assisting us hitting a major milestone – DA approval.”

Rezone then subdivide

“You protected our interests throughout. … Tactically skilful and technically knowledgeable, and you know the system. We relied on your skills and knowledge and we’ve obtained the desired result.”

Building a portfolio

“You gave me strategic advice that I hadn’t heard in any of the investment seminars I’d paid good money for. It was well worth while having a couple of planning sessions with you.”

Sydney/Central Coast Client

"This is such great news! Thank you so much to Helen for the hard work and the quality of the submission and follow through that I have no doubt significantly contributed ... Collaborating made such a difference."

Apparent breach by a [...]

"Once again I can’t thank you enough for your interest in this situation. It is certainly very distressing (and could have become very expensive)."

Privacy protection

“You did a fine job for us and we are most grateful to you for your efforts. We would happily recommend you to other interested parties.”

Dual Occ. Consent

“Thank you for getting us where we are today … approval. We are very appreciative of this and we know we probably wouldn’t have got there without your skill and expertise.”

Commercial site search

“Even if it was uncomfortable news for us, you told it like it is, so we could make our own decisions about taking the risk or walking away. You saved us money by avoiding a big mistake.”

Another satisfied client [...]

"thank you very much Helen for meeting with us in Sydney and for all the great work you’ve done so far. You’ve put us in a strong negotiating position with our neighbour."

Central Coast client [...]

"A quick email of thanks for your time today. You certainly do know your stuff!"

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Highlight Consulting provides an integrated service to add property value for owners and purchasers. Over twenty five years of consulting experience and five years as the senior Council development and building manager have given the company’s Director, Dr Helen Monks, a variety of perspectives on town planning. A particular strength of the company is to solve development problems creatively and effectively. We provide an efficient service, attention to detail, and good customer service with clear communications.

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This business values prompt service which responds to clients’ objectives.  We are the first stop for developers with small to medium projects, particularly on environmentally sensitive land.

The services of Highlight Consulting range from pre-purchase reports and auction advice, through planning proposals, rezoning applications, Development Applications for all purposes, advice on State and local government regulatory changes, tactical advice and sustainability advice for property owners, especially for predicted changes in coastal erosion, sea level rise, flooding and bushfire. The whole range of specialist professions required to meet Council and State requirements is available through Highlight Consulting.

Clients’ goals are clarified early, with a response about alternative means to achieve those goals, along with the consequences of each alternative. Clients can be involved in the design process as well as negotiations with Council. We specialize in project managing your application to maximize the combination of achieving your goals and gaining approval.

For sustainable solutions in the property industry, call us on 0439 465 441

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